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Pipe Burst Garden City, NY

Pipe burst incidents can destroy your home’s floors and walls if not treated immediately which is one of the myriad reasons why 911 Restoration Long Island and our pipe burst Garden City expert filled company is available 24/7 and ready to start pumping water quantities from your home or business within 45 minutes of your call before the absorption phase of water damage recovery can set in. Pipes bursts happen for various factors and reasons, and based on our over 35 years of experienced from the pipe burst Garden City team, our water damage restoration services are typically performed due to a pipe freeze which causes a burst, or there is an occasional mineral or man-made blockage buildup that ruptures the lining. Our expert pipe burst Garden City technical pros are licensed, insured and bonded to initiate the most comprehensive water removal service work no matter what caused the pipe burst problem or the flooding in your home. After our skilled restoration artists complete the water cleanup work and use the absolute latest drying technology to completely remove any and all traces of moisture, our pipe burst Garden City experts will then educate you on how to potentially reduce the risk of a pipe freeze from happening a second time in your home. Some sesquipedalian tips include:

  • If a water line runs through your garage, then keep the doors closed.
  • Open your cabinets to allow for warmer air to circulate around the pipes.
  • Let water slowly drip from faucets with exposed pipes, or outdoors.
  • Drain the lingering water from your pool and sprinkler lines.
  • Insulate your pipes with heat tape or pipe sleeves.

Our pipe burst Garden City mater certified specialists have performed ongoing research in pipe freeze prevention attributes through the American Red Cross association so we can play a major role in helping to keep homeowners, their property, and their family safe from water damage brought on by a pipe freeze. Our water removal expert professionals state that the above points of advice are the most successful strategies in keeping your property safe from the woes of a pipe freeze and other pipe burst related phenomenon. Call our masterful pipe burst Garden City pros at any time of day or throughout the night, regardless of the size or cause of the flooding, and we will engage our same day service while one of our expert master certification accredited team members files your pipe burst claim to your insurance!

Does Insurance Cover a Pipe Burst?

Based on data collected by our pipe burst Garden City team members, the majority of property insurance companies should cover a pipe burst in many situations, though not all. However,  if your pipes are made out of cast iron or clay, or if they are very old and not up to code then there could be homeowner negligence issue on your part that could engender a claim denial. Our pipe burst Garden City experts highly recommend upgrading your plumbing to plastic and PVC pipes that can stand the test of time. When it comes to keeping your home safe and dry in the winter months and for that matter all year round you deserve the best pipe burst company in Garden City, so phone us without delay today!

What is the Best Pipe Burst Company in Garden City?

The best pipe burst Garden City company is 911 Restoration Long Island because we are completely dedicated to protecting the residents in the village of Garden City at every and all costs. Having great natural beauty and a history in aviation due to the village being the spot where Charles Lindbergh launched his transatlantic flight in 1927, our pipe burst Garden City company works very hard to ensure the standards of our water extraction work and repairs measures up to the quality our locals deserve. Moreover, when you call inn to 911 Restoration Long Island we give you an affordable price and we work with all insurance companies because ultimately we truly value professionalism over all and we always put the customer first daily. When you have a pipe freeze or a nasty pipe burst from some other cause or reason, reach out to our expert trained and certified pipe burst Garden City specialists and let us make all the difference in restoring your home to something special!

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