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Cleaning Up Backed Sewage – Things to Consider

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on February 16, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

The importance of proper sewage cleanup cannot be undermined. The flooding that911 restoration Cleaning Up Backed Sewage Long Islandresults from it has several different kinds of harmful and disease-inflicting viruses, fecal material, and bacteria that can cause serious health issues. 

In this article, we will look at a few vital considerations for cleaning up backed sewage that can act as a differentiator between you potentially catching dangerous diseases and staying healthy. 

Causes of Backed Sewage 

There are several different potential causes of flooded sewers, including heavy rainfall. A blocked public sanitary sewage line can also cause the private sewer line of an apartment or a house to back, or the blockage might occur independently in a specific private line. Several plumbing problems might act as the reason for backed sewage, such as sump pumps, downspouts, or gutters connected with sanitary sewers. 

Sewage Clean Up

Cleaning up properly after sewer backups is extremely important for preventing the spread of different diseases and ensuring health protection for you and your family. One of the first repelling consequences of sewer backups is that they cause an unpleasant odor to fill the atmosphere. However, this odor is, fortunately, not harmful. 

When starting the cleaning process, to ensure no serious health issues prevail on-site, prepare a mixture of warm water and liquid soap and carefully and thoroughly rub all the affected objects and surfaces with it. After doing so, mix one cap of 5.25 percent chlorine bleach in a gallon of water to disinfect the surfaces and objects.

It is better to discard the items that are not too valuable or rare items that children are likely to contact. Ensure you properly disinfect and comprehensively wash all contaminated items you choose to keep. You should be wearing rubber gloves and rubber boots while you perform the cleanup to ensure no bacteria or viruses enter your body and harm your health. 

Ensuring Disease Prevention During Sewage Cleanup

Sewer backups are a big source of spreading various diseases and can cause serious health issues if proper preventative measures are not ensured. Remember to frequently wash your hands several times during your sewage cleanup endeavor. Throw away any eatables that might have come in contact with the water from sewers. Ensure children and anyone without rubber boots and gloves keep away from the objects and areas contaminated by flooding from sewer backups. Avoiding skin contact with sewage water is key, and sores, wounds, or cuts are special considerations in this regard.

The nose, eyes, and mouth (mucous membranes) should be paid special attention to and kept covered at all times while carrying out sewage cleanup. Do not eat or drink anything before rinsing your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water after coming in contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. 

Additional Considerations to Keep in Mind

There are several risks attached to flooding caused by sewer backups. From health issues and the spread of certain diseases to loss of property and incurred costs, many threats maximize their intensity unless timely and proper sewage cleanup is carried out. Here are some tips and considerations that can help diminish the colossal effects of backed sewage:


As soon as you find out backed sewage, make sure to turn off the main power switch. Do not use any electrical outlets or appliances that might have been exposed to flooding before you carefully and thoroughly wipe dry and air out them. 

Also, make sure non of the gas or oil lines or tanks are damaged if you have systems that run on gas or oil. Failure to do this runs the risk of suffocating all those inside or even fire damage

Carpets and Rugs

Properly wash and scrub all clothes, rugs, and carpets that have been contaminated using a mild detergent. If you notice an accumulation of silt on any of your rugs or carpet liners, make sure to remove it properly. You can also hire a reliable carpet cleaning service for the task of cleaning. 

However, if you think the damage is too heavy to be done away with only cleaning or scrubbing, consider removing the damaged carpets or rugs from your property altogether. Make sure you first remove the water to avoid the need for water damage restoration

Floors, Furniture, and Drapes

City water supply is chlorinated and is suitable for washing your drapes and floors. Ensure to adequately clean your furniture before use with mild detergent to disinfect it. Use electric fans and open all windows in the house to properly dry and ventilate the place. 

Keeping the things mentioned above in mind and taking these steps while performing sewage cleanup can protect you and your family from adverse health issues and diseases. However, the best way to go about after flooding from backed sewage is to call an expert and specialized sewage cleanup service that will ensure complete restoration and remediation of your place.

911 Restoration of Long Island can help you with sewage cleanup, sanitize it, and prevent any water or mold damage quickly and cost-effectively. We offer a free visual inspection for property owners only and work with our tried and tested Fresh Start principle, i.e., to give you a fresh start as quickly as possible. Give us a call today, and let us help you out!

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