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Fire Damage Long Island: Is the Long Island Medium Causing Fire Damage?

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on July 25, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair

Platinum blonde hair, 3-inch heels and a spunky personality is the name of the game for television’s hit psychic, Theresa Caputo. But is this blonde bombshell the real deal or is she blowing smoke up our skirts? Many believe her to be a fraud while others feel this little lady had spoken to their dead dog, husband, boyfriend, wife or other loved one. If you’re a disbeliever and feel yourself surrounded by smoke and mirrors, you are not alone. This is why our fire and smoke damage restoration Long Island team has made ourselves available to come and repair the damage.

It’s Time to Move On

Often times an 80-year-old woman will be asked if her father has passed. When the answer is an obvious yes, Caputo responds with, “He wants you to know it’s time to move on.” Well, if this makes you fuming with anger and triggers a fire, let 911 Restoration Long Island come to the rescue. Our professional staff has cutting edge technology and craftsmanship to remove residues and odors that came from the fire. We have over 35 years of experience and use the latest drying technology to help you recover from fire and smoke damage. You may have lost a loved one but we don’t want you to lose your home either.

What to Do When a Spontaneous Fire Hits

Watch out, a fire can come out of nowhere, especially when grocery shopping near Theresa Caputo. While watching Caputo’s family interact and go about their normal routine, it appears that Mrs. Caputo just can’t do the same. She often has spontaneous interactions with customers buying a pineapple or dish soap at the local grocery store. This lady sure is on fire with her readings so it’s best to always be prepared. Take precautions when it comes to fire damage and always stay alert, especially in aisle 9 or 4. Caputo will hit you like an out-of-the-blue wildfire. Let our fire and smoke damage restoration Long Island Team use our odor remediation in case she leaves you smelling like a campfire. We offer affordable prices and can quickly remove ash and soot.

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