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Mold Removal Long Island World Cup Planning: Shout GOAL! Not MOLD!

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on June 18, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection



It’s that magical time that comes once every four years when the world’s finest national football teams (soccer for those who swing that way) charge onto the international stage and fight for honor, glory and national pride. With America having to face Germany and Portugal, our chances of advancing are slim to none, but we can still throw one amazing World Cup party and invite friends to bask in the brilliance of the beautiful game! But before you set up the house for your next World Cup party, take some advice from the area’s oldest mold removal Long Island company: learn how to protect your home from growing mold due to reckless and careless behavior. Parties are notorious places for potential water damage problems to ensue, and if not properly cleaned and dried, you could be battling a dangerous mold problem months down the road. Avoid having to call for professional water damage restoration services from a mold removal Long Island company when you are days away from carving up your Thanksgiving turkey; take some steps to prevent water damage, and you will be simultaneously reducing your chances of having a future mold infestation!

Protect Your Plumbing

When it comes to protecting your plumbing during your World Cup party, keep in mind that the toilet and sink will get used at least once every 20 minutes all day long. You will want to be as watchful as Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa who masterfully thwarted the aggressive Brazilians from scoring in an action-packed game that ended 0-0. To prevent water damage from growing mold in your bathroom, the best mold removal Long Island pros say to start by performing a simple inspection. Check to make sure the drains are working properly and that no water is allowed to pool or stand for a prolonged period of time. You will also want to make sure the faucets aren’t leaking or dripping and that the water shuts on and off in a clean, seamless fashion. When inspecting your toilet make sure it doesn’t rock or move off its base, and check that area at the floor for and leaks or moisture. Ensure it flushes properly and prepare your sewage back flow valve in the event your rowdy buddies eat too many nachos and decide to clog your toilet’s pipes.

Don’t Spill the Beer!

Spilling beer on game day is a cardinal sin unto itself, but it can also cause some expensive repairs. The top mold removal Long Island teams remind us that when liquid spills onto carpets it soaks down to the mat and, if enough of it is spilled, it can even reach your sub flooring (but this would take a pretty big spill. However, even spilling half a pint of beer can cause mold to grow in carpet if the fibers are organic or semi-organic, and most carpets are. If mold grows in your carpet you will have to have it replaced.

Spilling beer, soda or water on your hardwood floor may seem like an easier mess to wipe up, but if moisture becomes trapped in the cracks and crevices between your boards or in the grain, mold can grow under the right conditions. A good way to avoid spills in high-traffic areas is to lay down mats or plastic on the floor in front of the seating area and TV. Don’t worry about looking paranoid or tacky; the 2014 FIFA World Cup games and good craft beer will distract people from even noticing. Besides, it’s better to be safe than sorry and you would much rather shout “GOAL” now, then shout “MOLD” around the holidays!

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