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Removing Water From Your Home After A Summer Storm

Published by Jennifer on July 14, 2017 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

Most homeowners think of the winter as being the time where there is the most water damage risk due to the high amounts of rain and snow that develop throughout the season.

However, in order to keep your home protected throughout the entire year it is important to understand just how powerful summer storms can be when it comes to leaks and floods.

Summer storms can be particularly damaging, because of how fast they can move into an area an rain down enormous amounts of water in a short period of time.

The fast acting nature of these summertime storms make it impossible to prepare  your home immediately ahead of time, which is why it is so easy for leaks to appear. In order to prevent extensive water damage it is important to how to handle the water extraction process.

Extracting Water Properly After A Summer Storm

One thing to always remember is to stay safe during a storm. Even if water is actively leaking in through the roof, you should not go up there during the storm to patch up the cracks.

Once the rain has stopped, then the water extraction can begin. Depending on the amount of water that has leaked into the home. In minor situations, you might just need to lay down towels to soak up the moisture and use fans to dry out the space.

If extensive flooding has taken place, then more powerful tools needs to be used to extract all the water. Sump pumps and wet vacs are great pieces of equipment that can remove large amounts of water in a relatively short period of time.

Both items are easily found at hardware stores, however they can be costly, so if you do not want to buy then you can rent them for daily rates. Sometimes the flooding can be too great to do on your own, and in these situations hiring professionals to do the job for you will be your best bet.

Assessing The Damage Once Your Home Is Dry

Once all the water has been extracted from the affected area, you can see what type of damage the moisture has caused your home.

Finding the exact source of the water damage is key, that way you can repair the issue and prevent water from invading the house through that same route in the future.

Sometimes the water that has made its way into the home’s interior is unsafe, such as gray and black water which may be filled with toxins and sewage. If this is the case, then it is necessary to decontaminate the entire area before you can reenter the property.

In other situations, the rainwater may have completely soaked a part of your ceiling or wall beyond repair. In these instances, professionals can replace the drywall, stucco, joists, beams, etc. to make a completely new surfaces that are safe and sturdy.

Letting water sit will only cause more damage, which will amount to more money lost. So, whatever you decide to do about your water damage, the most important thing is to act fast.

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