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Did Sewage Backup Mobsters Close Down Red Lobster?

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on May 16, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup

There are plenty of things that can invade our homes that are nuisances: ants, fruit flies 911 Restoration sewage backup Long Islandfrom those peaches you bought from that random farm, and household mold. But perhaps one of the most vile, offensive devils to taint the sanctity of our modest abodes is a sewage backup problem that causes black water eruptions from the toilet.  If you experience any kind of a black water spill in your home, you should call a sewage backup company to come out immediately and restore your bathroom before your doe-eyed children become stricken with E Coli.

What Causes Sewage Backup?

Sewage backup has many common causes that include plumbing problems with the pipes, as well as people flushing inappropriate items down the toilet. We all know that plumbing should be inspected once a year to ensure there are no leaks, bulging or cracks forming. Furthermore, homeowners must be cognizant that flushing diapers, feminine sanitary products and paper towels down the toilet can cause sewage backup and the potential for a black water eruption flooding your bathroom with a disgusting poo stew. Any professional Long Island water damage company will tell you that these are the most common causes for sewage problems, including tree roots growing into main sewer lines. But what about those lesser-known causes for sewage backup? What about sewage backup conspiracy theories? Should we pay any attention to them and give them any serious thought? Since knowledge is power, this article will examine one such conspiracy theory and leave it up to the people of Long Island to decide upon using their own judgment.

Do Crab People from Red Lobster Restaurants Cause Sewage Backup?

Say farewell to those Cheddar Bay biscuits and frozen fish fillets that were advertised as being “fresh”; the struggling restaurant chain Red Lobster was sold for 2.1 billion dollars to Golden Gate Capital. The chain failed to give shareholders an ROI and profits have been as malodorous as a sack of rotting shrimp left on the dock under a hot July sun.  But there is another theory for why Red Lobster was sold, and this theory holds hands with the sewage backup theory as they skip in unison through our subconscious imagination. Some say the food at Red Lobster has (to put it in nicely within polite company) caused many people to have to rush to the bathroom, again and again. As a result, pipe blockage has formed in household sewage plumbing systems across the nation causing mounting pressure that has orchestrated black water to pour out from toilets. Worse yet, the GMOs in the Cheddar Bay biscuits have mingled in our digestive tracts with the chemical agents found in the preservatives that give Red Lobster’s seafood that fresh appearance, and when our waste enters the toilet it is believed by a small minority that Crab People metamorphose from our “ejecta”, grow to a mature size, and start clawing through the plumbing to find sweet freedom from the fetters of pipe life.  This theory is dismissed by all the major sewage backup and water damage restoration companies, but there are those loyal few in the shadows of our society who believe the spoils of Red Lobster enters our gastrointestinal tracts and creates menacing Crab People who grow to maturity in our plumbing and destroy pipes. What do you think, America?

What Should I do if I have a Sewage Problem?

If you have a sewage problem don’t buy into crazy Crab People theories, and don’t sue Red Lobster; it is important to call a licensed sewage backup water damage company if you have a sewage pipe burst or a black water toilet overflow. Sewage contains a plethora of bacteria and diseases and it should be remediated by the pros that have industrial strength cleaning products and the latest drying technology. Obsessing over the little Crab People mobsters that originated from what you ate at Red Lobster will not serve any productive purpose. Call a locally-known, certified sewage cleanup company right away!

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