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Water Damage Long Island: Why Your Basement is a Target for Flooding

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on June 6, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Your basement is the most vulnerable part of your home when it comes to water damage. In fact 98 percent of all basements in America will suffer from some type of water damage in their existence. Having the number of a phenomenal water damage Long Island company stored in your smartphone can be a powerful life preserver in your time of need. But by better understanding what makes your basement so dang vulnerable, you can work to protect it from falling prey to such high national statistics.

Why is my Basement Vulnerable to Floods?

Just ask your local water damage Long Island company; your basement is vulnerable to floods because they are the lowest lying location in any house or building and flood water naturally runs down. If you have spent thousands of dollars to turn your basement into a “man cave” or a comfortable playroom for the kids, then you had better take every step under the sun to protect your investment and keep it safe from the multiple dangers that coincide with household water damage.

What Kind of Damage Does Basement Flooding Produce?

Basement flooding can produce structural damage and mold infestations, so it is vital that you call to have professional water damage restoration services performed as soon as you first notice the washer burst, storm damage or whatever caused the havoc. The construction materials that compose your basement (like concrete, brick, wood) are porous and absorb water like a sponge. When this happens the materials can expand, warp, crack and cause major structural damage to your house. Furthermore excessive moisture in basements creates an environment ideal for breeding toxic black mold. Exposure to these spores can cause people to suffer from congestion, asthma, lung disease and a number of other threats. But try as hard as we might, any water damage Long Island company will tell you that water damage can still happen. By investing in some sump pumps you can help keep water from completely ruining your basement; just be sure to call a professional water damage company to come restore your home before major damage can set in!

How can I Protect my Basement from Water Damage?

You can protect your basement from flooding by taking steps to minimize the potential level of damage to a controllable situation. First of all, do not buy into the hype that you can weatherproof your basement; that is a total crock and any water damage Long Island company will agree! If flood water is going to enter your home no water proofing product will dictate how much or how little water enters. Instead start by performing simple little routine maintenance tasks. Look for leaking pipes, broken window seals, cracks or anywhere that might allow moisture. You should also climb to the roof and make sure your gutters aren’t blocked because then rain water can run down the side of your house and get into your basement and crawl space. Also, add some landscaping that slopes away from your house and spaced about 10 feet apart. The placement of shrubs and trees can help redirect water away from your house.

Remember, there is no fool-proof method. If flood water enters your basement call a professional water removal company to perform water extractions and ensure your home is in pristine shape before they leave!

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