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Water Damage Long Island: How To Dry Out a Macbook (Or Another Laptop)

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on July 16, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

You’re a single guy and you live by yourself. You’re also one of those Young Professional who works 9 to 5, and then 5 to Midnight, and then gets up at 4AM to go to the gym. Crawling up the stairs to your one bedroom apartment you realize that you still have another 3 hours of work you need to do before rolling into bed for 6 hours of sleep. “I at least got to eat something,” you say to yourself. You grab that frozen, gluten free pizza your ex-girlfriend left in your freezer and pour yourself a craft beer. Halfway through that gluten free pizza and a third of the way through that craft beer your phone rings. It’s your Mom. A million bad thoughts rush through your head, like, which one of my aunts or uncles died in the night? Your hand darts for the phone and grazes that craft beer. The rest happens in action movie slow motion. The beer teeters and wobbles, little globs of liquid fly off the lip of the bottle, you don’t even hear your Mom say, “Hello” as you watch that lovely craft brewski dump all over your 6 month old Macbook. Your heart pounds, How does this happen? Why did this happen? What do I do next? Our water damage Long Island team can help you clean up after a sewage back up and our water damage restoration team can help you recover from a flood, but we can’t save your Macbook and we can’t help you dry out your phone either. This task, Little One, rides solely on your shoulders. But we can give you a few tips for drying out a Macbook or similar laptop.

Kill The Power

This is one of those situations that require quick instincts and cat like reflexes. Remember watching all those television shows growing up about E.R.s? Well, Doctor Sexy, it is time to put all those TV lessons in steely nerves to proper use. The first thing you want to do when your laptop gets wet is to shut it down. Depending on the severity of the spill you may need to force shutdown your laptop. Basically, this means you hold down the power button of your laptop until it shuts off. Then you will want to disconnect the power cable. For added excitement, you can shout, “DON’T DIE ON ME!” as you unplug the power. Modern Macbooks don’t have removable batteries, but if you are using a laptop with a removable battery pull the battery as well. Electricity is your enemy. Water, or other tasty substances, encountering power will cause an instant short. Keep your laptop powered down until it is completely dry. This may take a day or so if you’ve had a bad spill.

Towel to Downward Dog

Next you will want to thoroughly dry your laptop. Chances are that you’ve spilled water on your keyboard and track pad so focus your time there. Get the keyboard and track pad as dry as humanly possible but don’t use chemicals or sprays to dry out your laptop. Chemicals can cause even worse damage. If you are particularly determined and ambitious (again, your Doctor Sexy from television, determined to save a dying patient, remember this) take a paper towel and run it through the edges of your Macbook’s trackpad to soak up water that has permeated the seam between the trackpad and the case. Next flip your laptop upside down so that it forms an inverted V shape and gently position it on a table or chair. You may wish to put a blanket or some kind of cushion underneath your inverted laptop so it doesn’t get dented or damaged. Now leave it. Overnight.

The True Test: Does It Beep, Will It Live?

After you are completely sure that your Macbook is dry, plug it in and hit the power button. Now wait. Imagine yourself as Doctor Sexy, standing over a flat-lined patient, whispering, come on, come on… Then the ever glorious beep, digital life restored. That feeling? That is the same feeling our water damage Long Island team gets every team we restore a house, apartment, or office building. Here is to you, Doctor Sexy, you saved your Macbook. Crack open a craft beer. Just keep it away from the electronics.

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