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Water Damage Long Island: Thou Shalt Not Flush

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on June 26, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Let’s face it; sometimes we can’t always avoid water damage. If a flash flood occurs and sends a wall of water into the home, some sandbags probably won’t help. Lucky for homeowners there is a top-rated water damage Long Island company standing by ready to perform water extractions. But what about those simple things that can easily be prevented that cause major water damage to homes across the country every year? Did you know that your toilet is when separated your home from returning water and sewage? If you aren’t respectful of it and insist on flushing harsh materials down your porcelain throne it will create one royal mess requiring professional water damage restoration services by a licensed professional. Or you can just practice good flushing habits.

Clumping Kitty Litter

If you are like a lot of other cat owners out there you may be tempted to just flush clumps of kitty’s caca down the toilet. But clumping kitty litter is very bad for your pipes. The litter can cling to the interior walls of the pipes and cause blockage which in turn can send up gallons of black water (along with kitty’s feces) onto your nice tiled bathroom floor. If this happens a water damage Long Island team will have to come out and perform water removal tactics.

Condemn Condoms

The thought of a used condom festering in your trash may not sound pretty, but flushing it down the toilet can cause one ungodly mess. Condoms are made out of rubber and they take a very long time to break down. They can also get caught in pipes or stuck to the side and cause other debris to get caught resulting in a massive blockage. It is best to wrap them in tissue paper and dispose of them in the trash in a discreet manner.

Tampons and Lady Things

Sanitary towels and tampons should never be flushed down the toilet. These products are made from cotton and other absorbent fibers. When they get wet they expand and can quickly get stuck in plumbing pipes. When this happens returning water can come up through the toilet and then you’ll really have some major cramps to deal with!
Final Thoughts
Just ask any water damage Long Island company and they will tell you that the only thing that should go down the toilet that doesn’t come out of your body is plumbing-graded toilet tissue. This paper was engineered to provide comfort, cleaning power and to breakup quickly in water and disintegrate without causing a blockage in your pipes. Obey these flushing rules and thou shalt not flush thine harsh products or kitty litter.

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