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Water Damage Long Island: Where is Noah’s Ark aka FEMA When You Need it?

Published by 911 Restoration Long Island on August 13, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


If you went to Hebrew School, Sunday School or grew up in any religious institute that celebrated the stories from the Old Testament, you have likely heard the tale of Noah’s Ark…or you at least saw the latest film starring Russell Crowe as God’s moody architect. According to the Bible, God cast a rainbow in the sky as a promise that He would never destroy the world again with a flood. However, some water damage Long Island  companies may be skeptical considering the damaging flood that drowned the region last Monday. In some regions of Long Island a record-breaking 13 inches of rain was recorded over a 6 hour period flooding scores of homes and submerging cars stranded in streets that quickly turned into flowing rivers of polluted water. When God cast the rainbow in the sky he forgot to mention that Long Island would be excluded from his brightly colored promise, as people we left stranded with no ark to board, let alone a rescue canoe.

What Happens to these Homes?

Floods of this magnitude require professional water damage restoration services as quickly as possible, as you are not simply dealing with water from a roof leak. All the contaminants in the street; oil, waste, bacteria, garbage…anything in the gutters, or in waste heaps will form a toxic soup and flood your home. Even raw sewage will often spill into this water when the levels get too high releasing a deadly stew of feces that can enter your home. Messes like this require a staff of water damage restoration technicians who can pump all the water out, disinfect it, use state of the art drying equipment and get the home quickly restored back to its previous condition before structural damage can set in. When God grew weary of all the sinful heathens running a muck and he destroyed the world with a flood it is doubtful there was floating fecal matter, medical waste and motor oil contaminating all the huts in the area, so in a certain light this Long Island flood can be regarded as a worse disaster (okay, so it may not have destroyed the world, but many local believe Long Island IS THE WORLD, and we must consider their pride in this).

How to Protect Your Home from a Flood

If you go to your local home improvement or hardware store a day or two before storms are predicted to strike, you can buy sandbagging material. Sandbags act as a retaining wall around the perimeter of your home working to minimize the amount of flood water that runs into your home or in your crawl space. You would be wise to also invest in some sump pumps for your basement and crawl space to further reduce the amount of flood water from causing damage.

A modern-day Noah (FEMA) isn’t likely about to come to the rescue, so by taking these measures you can strive to protect your home to your best abilities. But if water damage does still manage to strike, call a professional water damage Long Island company as your ultimate source of water damage rescue!

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